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Window World offer a comprehensive selection of door styles and finishes, with every door made specifically to meet individual customer requirements.
We do not warehouse an inventory of finished products, instead the manufacturing process begins once an order is received and ends when a product is installed by our professional installers or is delivered to the customer.

Helping you choose the right door
There are many issues to consider when choosing the right door for your home...

When making your decision the following points should be considered:

· What sizes and styles of doors suit your architecture?
· Are you maximising views and living spaces?
· What type of doors do you need for practical day to day use, entertaining and other purposes?
· Do you need insulation from heat, cold or sound?
· Is glare a concern
· Can the doors be easily fitted with screens and other options if required?

Sliding & Stacker Doors

· Heavy duty frame for added strength and durability
· Full joint sealing maximises weather proofing performance
· Full locking options, as well as an internal sliding sash, increases security and safety
· Safety and insect screens can be easily fitted to the outside
· Optional accessibility sill for wheelchair access
· Powder coated aluminium frames for durability
· Clear sight lines with concealed rails

Entry & French Doors

· Unobtrusive flush bolt locks in second door panel
· Full locking options for security and safety
· Full joint sealing maximises weather proofing performance
· Single door option is available for tight spaces
· 180 degree door leaf opening (depending on building construction type) to maximise access
· Single or double door leaf
· Bevelled beads to outside face of sash for superior water proofing and aesthetics.

Bi-fold Doors

· Stack out of the way for unimpeded access
· Optional single entry door for easy access
· Bi-directional handling -  Ability to stack to one side, or multiple to both sides
· Bottom rolling or Top Hung dual purpose aluminium extrusion
· Continuous unbroken seals for improved performance
· Positive locking action providing maximum security and safety
· Hinge fixing with no visible screws to ensure a clean, flush appearance
· Security bvead glazing with bevelled finish for improved aesthetics
· Outboard track system for easy cleaning of sand and grit
· Patented torsional blocking retains correct shape and trouble free movement operation
· Low force sliding system for easy operation.
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